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Relationship Compatibility Reports allow you look into the areas of compatibility between you and another to reveal the relationship dynamics, including potential problem areas and opportunities for transformation. Gain useful insights into your relationships, both romantic interests and friends. Discover where the two of you are most and least compatible. 
When two individuals meet for a purpose or by chance, they either experience a positive vibe or a negative one. Have you ever wondered why at times without much of an effort you just click with someone while at times no matter how much you try, it never seems to happen. A healthy relationship is one that gives you joy, support and extreme happiness and out of the various factors that make compatibility, 'Astrology compatibility' is the most important. So, what we will be talking about here is Astrology Compatibility - its significance, basis and use in our day to day lives.
Scholars of astrology believe that the success and failure of a relationship also depends on how compatible people are in terms of astrology. Whether it is a guy you're seeing or a girl in whom you see your soul mate, it is advised and pertinent for the individuals to seek Astrology Compatibility Analysis for a fulfilling relationship. This can be done through horoscope matching that considers various factors to draw a conclusion. People all across the world have started to realize that what in a common man's language is chemistry ,is indeed the design of planets that either makes two individuals great as partners or not that compatible. So what is astrology compatibility?

 Astrology Compatibility refers to an analysis of birth chart of two individuals, to see whether or not they will have a cordial, fulfilling relationship. The placement of planets in a person's birth chart, his/her 'Rasi" etc all go into deciding how compatible two individuals are in terms of astrology.
Astrologers believe that a person's nature, habit and characteristics are decided by one's Horoscope. Like Minded people easily find a link while those who don't have much in common struggle to find a common ground. A deeper level of astrological understanding will show you that, it is the compatibility between two individuals birth chart that make them feel complete together. Thus is wouldn't be wrong to say that matching two charts can to a great extent explain how healthy or unhealthy the relationship between two individuals can be. Well obviously this implies that Astrology compatibility, would be of great use when choosing a life-partner or deciding to establish a long term relationship with someone either personal or professional. Now that you know what is Astrology Compatibility , let's have a quick look at the uses of astrology compatibility in our lives

Astrology Compatibility Uses

1. Astrology Compatibility for Love
Love is one of the purest emotions that humans are blessed with. Whereas on one hand this powerful emotion can bring positive changes in one's life, it can also be a cause of immense suffering. Astrology Compatibility for Love is an analysis of the basic nature, habits and chemistry between two individuals. This analysis will help you understand how committed or lasting a relationship between two individuals tied emotionally will be overall. It helps answer deciding questions like …is this merely an attraction, is this beyond a passing crush, do we have much in common and will we make a great couple in future. Love Astrology compatibility can help you clear these doubts and help you take decisions about your love life..
2. Astrology Compatibility for Marriage
The debate as to whether love marriages are better or arrange marriages is never ending. While those that campaign traditional Indian arranged marriages argue using the increased number of divorce cases as example of the failure of love marriages, those in for love marriages deny accepting that marriages fail because of astrology compatibility. Let us not get into debates, but acknowledge that compatibility is important when taking a decision to settle down with someone for life. You must have heard about Kundli Milan or Guna Milan that is done when considering a prospective for a guy or girl .So what is Guna Milan?
According to Vedic Astrology - Compatibility for marriage, the most popular marriage compatibility analysis method is through the Asht-Koot Milan (8-point checking). The 8 Kutas have 36 gunas in all.This is also referred to as Guna - Milan and the compatibility of the match is assessed through a scoring system. The higher the score, the better the match.Usually a score of 18 is considered as compatible cut-off for a good match. Anything less than this is considered unfavourable. Each Kuta of the analysis stands for a particular aspect. The report will give you scores for each Kuta, the total points and an interpretation of the same. Checking Astrology Compatibility whether a love marriage or arrange can definitely give a better understanding of what might come your way as a couple.
3. Astrology Compatibility for Business and Partnership
When two individuals meet for one professional cause, say to start a new venture or enterprise, checking astrological compatibility can really help. Since the partnership involves a lot of financial risks it's important to see how fruitful this partnership will be financially. In organisations important decisions will need unanimous consent from the risk bearers so checking astrology compatibility can help take financial decision with ease answering questions like : will this investment be of mutual benefit ? Do we see a common goal? Will this be a long term professional commitment.? etc

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