well begin is half done, If a work is started in a shubh Muhurat, it adds the possibilities of success. Muhurat harmonizes forces with nature and improves chances of success.
So, whenever you are going to start an important event of your life, which either takes a significant amount of your time and energy or is going to make its impact on your life for quite some time, then you should perform that action in accordance to the shubh muhurat.

A muhurat is calculated based on the Vedic almanac, commonly called the panchangam. Muhurat is calculated on the basis of many variables like

  • Activity and birth chart of the one who would perform the activity
  • Planetary position for particular day
  • Lunar day
  • 'Nakshatra' during the period it is to be performed
  • The common period of all these benefic makes the shubh muhurat
Right Mahurat can be for entry into new house (Greh Pravesh) native should actually enter the new house and start living, during Mahurat of construction of property native should get started the construction with acceptable tools and so on. Mind it that Mahurats are available daily and are available in span of few minutes and the work should commence in this particular time span.

Right Mahurat can be chosen for Marriage, Engagement, 'Greh Parvesh' or Inauguration of a new house or Moving into a new residence, Launch of a new business venture/ office premise or any other important occasion.
Various combinations for different events for finding out the Mahurat of a particular event.
For Purchase and Construction of Property
Greh Parvesh
Purchase of a Vehicle
Purchase of a Machine
Starting of Business
Filing a Legal Case
Taking Medicine
Surgical Operation
Applying for Visa

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